Renters and Apartment Insurance in Quincy, Massachusetts

Renters and Apartment Insurance in Quincy, Massachusetts

Many professionals choose to live in Quincy, Massachusetts for its great selection of transit options and newly built luxury apartments. Landlords in these newer developments may require you to purchase renters or apartment insurance. However, we think it is an intelligent option to protect yourself and the possessions you’ve worked so hard to buy regardless of whether it is a requirement to your lease. Unforeseen events like fires or floods can sometimes damage your personal items beyond repair, and render your living space unlivable. At Dowling Insurance, our agents are available to help you choose the proper level of protection for your individualized needs.

What items can renters insurance help protect?

Deco, West of Chestnut, and Quarry Hills are just a few of the luxury apartment communities in Quincy that are filling up with working professionals – and all their valuable belongings. Events like vandalism or fire have the potential to destroy one’s personal property. If you have the proper renters or apartment insurance coverage, then you could be reimbursed the current or fair market value of the items you’ve lost.

We’re invested in serving you – our Quincy neighbors – for the long-term. Call us at 781-848-7652 for a complimentary policy review and free quote, or use the request form to contact us today.

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These are just a few of the items the personal property coverage in your renters insurance policy may protect:
  • TV
  • Laptops
  • Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Bicycles
  • Golf Clubs
  • Art
  • Expensive Furniture
  • Some Jewelry
  • Designer Shoes & Handbags
  • Custom Window Treatments

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Dowling insurance agents are available to tailor a protection package that fits your lifestyle and your personal investments. We will walk you through how to create a home inventory and then access the value of your risk before we determine which items might require special protection, such a scheduled jewelry & fine arts rider, to help ensure that we adequately protect all your valuable items.

What do I do if my apartment is unlivable?

If circumstances make it so that your apartment or rental home is unlivable, bills from hotels, restaurants and other accommodations can start to accumulate like snow on the side of Hancock St. during a nor’easter. Loss of use coverage is the component of renters or apartment insurance that can help cover such instances. It can be difficult enough to adjust to unfamiliar living accommodations in the event of a loss – especially if you have to worry about how you will pay for them. Alternatively, what about this scenario, imagine if you did not have renters insurance and you had to crash on a friends couch or move back in with your parents! At Dowling, we believe the time taken now to secure renters insurance will afford you peace of mind, on so many levels, in the long-run.

How can I save on my Quincy renters insurance?

Easy parking, access to Rt. 93, and proximity to Boston make Quincy a preferable city for driving commuters. Legally, all drivers in Massachusetts need some form of car insurance. Many Quincy resident find it convenient and economical to bundle their car and renters insurance together with the same carrier. Dowling Insurance offers this option in the form of CarPartment insurance from top insurance provider Arbella Insurance. When signing up for car insurance, renters insurance can be added for a relatively small additional fee and its one of the best ways to save.

Let Dowling Insurance Help You Pick The Perfect Renters Insurance Policy for Your Quincy Apartment

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