Renters and Apartment Insurance in Westwood

Renters and Apartment Insurance in Westwood, Massachusetts

Both seasoned and newly settled Westwood renters understand that no apartment is immune to the perils of fire, lightning, theft, and vandalism. One of these events could literally strip you of all the personal belongings that you own. Your apartment could become unlivable and require relocating to a hotel or other accommodations. Worse yet, a guest or visitor could become injured in your apartment – leaving you liable for their expenses. The experienced staff at Dowling Insurance, one of the best local insurance agencies in the industry, can help you select the renters or apartment insurance policy that best meets your needs.

What is Personal Property coverage in my renters insurance policy?

Canada Goose brand jackets, diamond earrings, musical instruments, HD television sets, i-phones and i-pads – no this isn’t a wish list, these are example of some of the personal property you may own, and could loose if your Westwood apartment is broken into or worse. Items like these should be itemized in a home inventory list and appraised so you and your Dowling Insurance agent can determine the appropriate level of coverage for your renters or apartment insurance that will protect your personal property. Your Dowling Insurance agent will also be able to help determine if you need to add an insurance rider to help protect specific high-value items like diamond jewelry and fine art.

What does additional living expense coverage in my renters insurance really cover?

Protection from the financial burden of living accommodations and food costs above the amount you would typically spend, should your apartment become unlivable, is often called ‘loss of use’ coverage or “additional living expense” coverage, and is typically included in a renters and apartment insurance policy. The expenses of hotels and restaurants add up quickly, even after just a few days. It’s hard enough to swallow any losses you may incur because you have been misplaced due to circumstances outside of your control without having to worry about where you’ll stay and eat.

When you have a renters insurance question, need help with a claim, or want to request a policy review does your insurance agent take your comments and concerns seriously? If not, then it’s time to experience The Dowling Difference. We’re invested in serving you – our neighbors – for the long-term. Call us at 781-848-7652 for a complimentary policy review and free quote, or use the request form to contact us today.

renters insurance in Westwood, Massachusetts

What about personal liability coverage? Is that part of my renters insurance policy?

When purchasing renters or apartment insurance in Westwood, you should also consider the benefits of the personal liability coverage you get through most renters insurance policies. This element of your insurance package could protect you from the expenses of medical bills if, for example, a guest slips and falls or has another accident that may occur in your apartment. Liability coverage may also protect your finances if you are even sued. For example, if you accidently hit a neighbor while riding your bike home from the train and find yourself in a potential law suit. This important component of renters insurance coverage allows you to relax and have your friends over for the big game – without obsessing over a potential accident. A Dowling Insurance agent will assist you in determining the right level of personal liability coverage for your individual needs.

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Is Renters Insurance Expensive?

The best thing about renters insurance is that it’s not expensive. In fact, you can usually get excellent coverage for less than the cost of a few take-out pizzas a month. Plus your Dowling Insurance agent should be able to save you a few bucks when you bundle your renters and auto insurance policy with the same carrier. For example one of our carriers, Arbella Insurance offers a program called CarPartment Insurance, and it can save you lots of money. Adding renters insurance to an existing car insurance plan can be as low as an extra ten dollars a month.

At Dowling Insurance we are here to answer your questions about Westwood renters and apartment insurance coverage. To contact us, please fill out the form on this page or call us today at (781) 848-7652, we look forward to hearing from you.

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